Qualcomm, which has become one of the biggest players in the hardware industry with its mobile processors, has announced a 5G robotics platform, especially artificial intelligence, alongside its new processors.


The robotic platform, introduced under the name RB5, will allow drones and robots to reach a more advanced artificial intelligence and 5G.

Qualcomm, which introduced its new processor Snapdragon 690, which will bring 5G support to mid-level smartphones for the day, also unveiled its RB5 robotics platform at the event. With its new robotics platform, Qualcomm offers capabilities that will take the development in robotics one step further.

The RB5 robotics platform carries a flexible peripherals architecture called “Decker modules” in its structure, as well as 5G connectivity and artificial intelligence-focused operations, according to a statement from Qualcomm.

Processor used in RB5, derived from Snapdragon 865

Qualcomm's new robotics platform, the RB5, has a processor called QRB5165, derived from the Snapdragon 865. The RB5 uses the Adreno 650 GPU alongside the qrb5165 processor.

The Qualcomm RB5 is able to deliver 15 TOPS of artificial intelligence performance using artificial intelligence and machine learning in robotic applications. The Platform also offers 4G and 5G connectivity support across most bandwidth.

RB5 platform supports 7 cameras running simultaneously

Seeking to improve the ability of robots and drones to see around them, Qualcomm developed the RB5 to operate 7 cameras simultaneously. The Platform is capable of processing up to 200 megapixel images with 4K HDR videos to be achieved with these cameras.

Looking at robotic applications, it appears that there are a wide range of requirements that platforms must support. Qualcomm has developed a flexible design in the RB5 to meet requirements that are in large numbers. RB5's decking architecture allows the platform to be improved with different modules. The software, image, sensor, industrial, motor and 5G modules can enhance the features of the RB5.

Qualcomm announced in RB5's announcement that the platform had been approved by more than 20 companies. These companies are located alongside 30 companies that Qualcomm has worked with to develop and simplify the doren design.

RB5 platform could accelerate development of autonomous drones

The RB5 platform can operate on machines such as toys, robotic vacuum machines and robotic lawnmowers. But some companies think the platform's vision and 4G/5G connectivity capabilities could take drone technology to a more advanced point.

Chad Sweet, CEO of drone maker Modelai, said that thanks to the RB5 platform, autonomous drones can move in tight space even when there are too many objects in the environment. Sweet's explanation can be interpreted as that Modelai wants to work with the RB5 platform to develop autonomous drones.