Mozilla is preparing to change its name to "Firefox Browser", which is the "Firefox Quantum" of the Internet Browser. The changes will come into our lives in October.

Mozilla has been developing Firefox, the Internet Browser, for years. The company is constantly talking about the innovations it brings, but this time the subject of our news, Firefox is a name change.

Firefox Quantum, released by Mozilla in the past years, was more than talked about when users were offered the service. Firefox Quantum, which comes to the fore with its high speed and system yormamamasını, will be referred to by a different name in the coming periods.

Firefox Quantum will be called "Firefox Browser" in October, according to Mozilla's statement, and the changes will not be limited to that. With the introduction of Firefox browser, the browser's logo will also change.

There is a logical reason why Mozilla made such a decision. Many users actually know the Internet Browser only as "Firefox", but this is not a correct term. Mozilla's different services are gathered under the umbrella of Firefox. These services include "Firefox Send" and "Firefox Monitor" (which allows you to track whether your credentials have been stolen on the internet).) are named in different ways, such as, but their front name has the phrase Firefox.

With such a move, Mozilla aims to highlight other services as well as to separate the Internet Browser from the Firefox roof name.